Password Scrambler is a browser add-on that allows you to automatically generate secure, hard-to-guess passwords for every site you visit, based on a master password of your choice. It achieves this by uniquely "scrambling" your password for every site you visit.

Password Scrambler helps you address problems related to using the same password in multiple sites, a practice that results in security vulnerabilities.

Think about the following questions:

  • Do you use the same password everywhere?
  • How many password-protected sites do you go to?
  • Can you remember all the passwords you use, or do you end up using the same password everywhere?
  • What if one of these sites was compromised, and your password was stolen?
  • Do you use multiple passwords and keep forgetting which one to use where?
  • Have you ever frantically tried every password you know in the hope that's the right one? What if the site is recording all those attempts, and thus learning all your passwords?

Use Password Scrambler instead - it's free, it's convenient, and it helps you be more secure!